Weightloss Update


As of last Saturday when I last weighed in I have lost 100 pounds (at least) since this time last year!!! In all honesty it’s probably more than that since what prompted me to get on the scale last year was I could feel in my clothes that I had lost weight, I just had no clue I had gained so much before hand. There’s a neat site called I lost What? That tells you how much you’ve lost in objects, according to them :


Things have been pretty steady. At the start of the 3 day diet I was at 301 Saturday my weight was 212. My weight loss for each month has been as follows:

July: 21 pounds

August: 14.8 pounds

September: 17.2 pounds

October: 16 pounds

November: 12.4 pounds

December so far: 7.6 pounds

I don’t know if this is above or below average, or right on track but I am happy with it. The only thing I wish is that I could work out. Since I feel faint fairly easily it’s made me afraid to get back into a fitness routine or get to far from the house as far as walking goes.

Food continues to be a little bit of a struggle. I know I am not getting as much protein in as I should but it’s getting better now that I can stand the taste of milk again. It seems like my taste buds are finally starting to mellow out a bit. My hair started falling out pretty much 3 months to the day but it seems like it’s finally starting to slow down a bit. Considering I have taken advantage of being an art student and have dyed my hair purple and pink. I am pretty lucky I haven’t lost more.



Drinking water is starting to get easier again too. Up until recently if my water wasn’t ice cold I couldn’t drink it. My NUT is the one who told me about this. Apparently a lot of bypass patients will experience nausea when drinking room temperature water but not ice or hot water. Sure enough as soon as I made sure my water was always full of ice I could drink it with out feeling sick. It was just strange because if I was drinking a Vitamin Water Zero or something it could be room temperature and I could drink it just fine. This issue only happened with water.

So it’s been a 100 pounds from my highest weight and I have lost 89 pounds since the start of my 3 day liquid diet. I was putting this picture together for the blog and I can’t believe I have turned into one of those people who don’t notice their 100 pound weigh loss in the mirror. I notice it in my face but I didn’t really notice it in my body until I put my current pictures next to the pictures I took the day before surgery:

Dec weight

What the fuck is wrong with me lol? How could I not see the difference it’s huge! A couple of non-scale victories my legs are finally small enough that I can find knee high socks that fit this is hugely important because it’s been cold and I hate pants. Long socks are kind of like crotchless sweats. My legs don’t tend to get cold as long as the bottom portion are covered.

IMG_0631Other shopping victories i have consistently been able to find dresses in the non plus size section the last two times I have went shopping I picked this gem up for 12 bucks!:

IMG_5978Well everyone that’s it for now, I have some presents to wrap and lunch to eat. I plan on sharing some of my school projects on here over the break so you can see why I was absent for so long. I am wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas (I don’t care what you celebrate you can still have a merry fucking Christmas! lol).


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