A Quick Update

I must say  that this week has been going better than last. It’s amazing what the addition of protein drinks and soup will do for your spirit and keeping you from feeling like a feather could knock you over.

Things have not been easy as far as dizziness goes. Sunday I was going stir crazy and figured I could handle going to get a pedicure with my sister and then to the store to pick up some soup and other things I could have on the full liquid diet. It took so long at the nail salon that I wasn’t feeling so hot by the time we left. I ended up telling my sister that if she didn’t need anything from the store that we could just skip it. She took me home and my dad was out back and couldn’t hear me ringing the door bell. By the time he came in from out back and let me in I was so close to passing out that I was dripping sweat and ready to pass out.

I had all of the following soups this week which I poured through a mesh strainer and through away the tasty morsels. Monday the first thing I tried was Cream of Potato Soup and it was heaven. I ate it really slow and savored every bite. The other soups I have tried and is a chicken and cheese enchilada flavored soup by Progresso. It’s one of their light soups and it is amazing and full of flavor. It completely cured my craving for Mexican food.  I also tried Campbell’s  Creamy Poblano and Queso Soup. That one sat well earlier today when I had it but boy did it put me in a world of hurt tonight. Warning slightly TMI ahead.

About 40 minutes after I ate it I was getting ready to get in the shower. I sat down to pee and as I am trying to find a Pandora station to listen to I notice that I am starting to feel really hot and nauseated. My vision started going blurry and it felt like I might pass out. I thought I was going to vomit so I grabbed the trashcan, I didn’t puke but I spit up this foam and then dry heaved for a few minutes. After I felt fine but noticed I was literally soaked in sweat. Needless to say I was curing that stupid soup as I felt like I was going to kill over.

I ordered a bunch of protein food from Bariatric Choice today. I wont be able to have any of it until I get to the solid food stage but I am sure I will be happy to have it. I had ordered a sample pack from Celebrate Vitamins,. I have been taking those since they sent me a number of chewable ones. I have to say I am very impressed with the flavors they offer. Tonight I tried their Chocolate Fudge Calcet Creamy Bites  and those things were freaking tasty. I emailed to see if I could have them added to the order I placed today.

I had called last week to make my follow up appointment for my 2 week appointment and since Dr. Brown is going to be out of the office starting today through next week they weren’t able to get me in until August 6th. The only problem with that is that we need him to clear me to be able to go back to work. I certainly don’t feel like I will be ready to go back on Monday since I still can’t sit for extened periods and am easily exhausted since I am not getting many calories, but I didn’t think it would take the whole week. Although with the way I responded to the soup tonight I am glad I will be home during the pureed stage because I don’t want to come out of the bathroom looking like I fell in the toilet because I got all hot and sweaty from something not sitting well.

Well that’s it for now I am off to bed.


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