“Well my bags are packed I am ready to go…”



The bewitching hour is steadily approaching. I am as prepared as I am going to get and now it’s all up to Dr. Brown and his team to get me to the next phase.

Last night I had a dream that I forgot I was on the liquid diet and blew it by eating several cheese sticks, smart popcorn, and fruit snacks. I woke up in a panic only to come to my senses that I had not in fact eaten an entire pack of cheese.

I spent the day washing all my bedding and taking before pics. I waited entirely too long to go pick up more broth from the grocery store and hadn’t drank nearly enough juice which resulted in me nearly fainting in Kings Supers. I came home and chugged two cups of broth and some juice and felt much better after that.

Speaking of before pics avert you eyes if you don’t want to see a picture of me à la the biggest loser (in my bra and bike shorts). This morning I weighed in at 296.6.


I spent the afternoon/ evening hanging out with my BFF and then packing for my stay at the hospital. Here’s what I am bringing:


The guide for what to bring said to bring basic toiletries and that we could bring clothes as patients prefer their own. I am bringing: A black tube top tunic and a blue and grey baseball tee I opted for dark just in case my incisions leak. Black bicycle shorts, A Hanes Cozy bra for a little support, lotion, chapstick, travel tooth brush,  tooth paste, glasses cleaner and cloth, Gas-X strips, dry shampoo,  brush, face lotion, facial cleansing wipes, pads (because you never know with PCOS), headphones, my charger, and my phone.

I have to sleep with a pod cast or tv on so the headphones are for just in case they won’t let me leave the TV on.  Speaking of sleep I should try to get some. Goodnight everyone and stay tuned for updates!




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