Holy Shit! I have been approved!!!!


Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!!!!! I just got a voice mail from my surgeons office saying I have been approved!!!!! I was really expecting for them to come back and say that Cigna was going to want something else.

When I got back from Sint Maarten I had a 3 day old voicemail from my surgeons office saying they needed to talk to me. When I called them back they said that all the Cigna patients they had submitted recently that had been told they only needed three months of classes had been denied. Cigna came back on all of their patients and said they needed a 4th month of classes and that they wanted me to get one more class in before we sent it off the request just in case. I only had a couple of days before we needed to submit my paperwork but we made it work.

Well it’s official July 14th at 7:30 am my life will change forever. Pending of course that my work doesn’t decide that we are going to be too busy for me to be out. I scheduled it for when they said would work but now they are concerned about how coverage since it’s around our busy season.


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