“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ lists.” – Michella Obama


Embarking on this journey is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. When I think about things like the actual procedure, going under, and the pain I will endure while healing, I get overwhelmingly scared and have to force myself to think of something else. Then I think about all the things that will change for the positive and it makes me wish we could just get this done and the ball rolling now.

In preparation for this wild ride I have been reading countless blogs and accounts of peoples bariatric surgeries. One of my favorite blogs that I have come across is Flirty by Thirty. It’s very inspirational to me because we are similar ages and I just love the concept of her blog. One of the things I like in particular is her 30 by 30 list which is a list of non scale victories that she wants to accomplish by the time she’s 30. Many of the things on the list have been made possibly by her VGS (vertical gastric sleeve).

In an effort to keep my eye on the prize I have decided to make my own 30 by 30 list.

1. Hike one of the 14’ers here in Colorado

2. Shop in the non-plus size section

3. Scuba Dive (I was supposed to do this on my vacation in May. Unfortunately because I have Asthma and I am so over weight I couldn’t get the medical clearance to do it. He said if it was just one or the other I could but both factors put you at a higher risk for decompression sickness so I won’t be able to do until I hit onderland)

4. Run a 5K (in particular the Color Run or the Rave Run)

5. Spend all day biking the tulip fields in Holland

6. Sky Dive

7. Wear dresses without shorts underneath and the fear of chub rub (chafing)

8. Wear non wide calf boots

9. Pose for a shoot with Viva Van Story

10. Do a zip line through some rainforest like setting

11. Put over 800 miles on my bike

12. Perform in a pole showcase

13. Ride a horse through the surf of a white sand beach

14. Make it into the Colordao Burlesque festival

15. Donate/Sell/ or trash 99% of the clothes I currently own because they no longer fit

16. Go to pole camp in St Maarten

17. Do an inversion on the aerial silks

18. Inverted Crucifix (pole move)


Jenny doing an inverted crucifix at Vertical Fusion Ft Collins. Photograph by Desiree Galvez photography.

19. Finish my aerial yoga certification

20. Keem (pole move not sure if that’s what we call it at Vertical Fusion but that’s what the pole dictionary says this is called.)

Melanie pulling a Keem at high altitude. Photograph by Desiree Galvez Photography

21. Be able to do a seated twist in yoga with out the ass cheek of the leg that’s on top coming off the ground and throwing off my alignment

22. Ayesha (pole move)


Norell doing an elbow grip Ayesha at the Galmbition pole showcase. Photograph by Desiree Galvez Photography

23. Windshield wipers (pole move)

24.  Be able to do forward folds in yoga without my belly getting in the way

25. Black widow into pretzel (pole combo)

26. Be able to do at least 3 pull ups in a row

27.  Russian Split (pole move)

Fabulous Jamilla Deville rocking her Russian Split at Pole Expo 2013. Photograph by Desiree Galvez Photography

28. Run a mile without stopping

29. Wear heels all night with out my knees feeling like they are going to break in two

30. All the plastic surgery I need to tighten up any loose skin and sagging that exercise can’t fix.


5 thoughts on ““We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ lists.” – Michella Obama

  1. Go get ’em, Desiree!!!! We are all behind you!! You are headstrong enough to definitely get ‘er dun!!! Uncle and I behind you every step of the way!!!! We love your guts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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